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The Motor Headsets are units with which you can take care of your mobile phone calls when you are on your motorbike. Futhermore its also possible to listen to your navigation instructions and to your mp3's (on some types). There are two types of Scala Rider Headsets, a standaard version and a XL version. This XL is ment to be used on helmets that have a closed collar. The standaard Rider Headset hasa microfoon thats to short to be used on these kind of helmets so that its not possible to place the microfone in front of your mouth. The well known Scala Rider Headsets are now also available for the bike / mountain-bike.

Please see the flash tutorial from Cardo if youhave any problems with your Scala Rider. It clearly shows how things should be setup.

Some Windows Mobile phones do not redirect navigation (and other audio) throught bluetooth. There are some software solutions to fix this: BTAudio (free) and BlueCast (payed)

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