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Cardo Scala Rider Smartpack Solo

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DMC™ 'Dynamic Meshwork Communication' : Unrivaled 3rd generation group communication technology

Cardo Systems, founder and pioneer of wireless motorcycle communication, introduces a new communication technology with Smartack™, called DMC. This technology sets new standards for motorcyclists, riding in a group with unparalleled
ease of use. Never before so many motorcyclists have been able to communicate with each other simultaneously in full-duplex.

Motorcyclists which leave the group or reconnect do not affect the other group connections

In case of communication in a group by means of a Bluetooth connection, all motorcyclists are connected to each other as a chain. When one of the links in the chain fails, the connection must be repaired and communication is temporarily
not possible. Thanks to DMC ™ this issue is past time, via a virtual network all motorcyclists are dynamically linked to each other.

The communication is not affected if one of the motorcyclists leaves the group or enters the group again. The network automatically adapts rapidly to it. Up to four motorcyclists can communicate simultaneously via DMC ™ mode. This number
will be expanded in the future via software updates.

Wide range of connectivity to other devices

In addition to the DMC™ technology, Smartpack™ features the latest Bluetooth chip. Both technologies work simultaneously and smoothly together. Enabling the Smartpack to offer a wide range of connectivity to Bluetooth® devices, similar
to the G9X, and the system is compatible with other scala rider models.



Manufactured by: Cardo
EAN Code: 0828831836571
Model Code: digit-SmartpackSolo
Shipping Weight: 400gr

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